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Wherever you are working, ergonomics are important. Changing your desk set up from sitting to standing is not only good for your wellbeing but can increase productivity too. And with these sustainable Deskmate standing desk options, when you've finished work you can pack your standing desk up and store it away or take it with you!

Deskmate cardboard standing desks are designed to increase focus and concentration, increase productivity and mood, and combat the negative health effects of long periods of sitting. These products are cleverly designed to fit into both your workspace and budget and are sustainable and 100% recyclable!

As a brand, Deskmate believe in enabling healthier working environments whilst helping you become more productive. We love their ethos; 'the products that you work with should help you be more productive and improve your wellbeing - not work against it.'

The original Deskmate is a two tier standing desk converter. We love the classic, clean design of this product which is cleverly made to be practical and simple to use.  It just needs to be folded out and you're ready to go. It is industrial strength with each shelf holds up to 10kg. If you're tight on space, this standing desk can easily be folded away again and stored - perfect for working from home.

Also on offer from Deskmate is the Minimate. This is recommended as the starting point for those using a standing desk for the first time. It is suitable for use with a laptop and is also easy to use - just pop it out in seconds and it holds up to 10kg. Great for working from home, in the office or in a remote location.

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