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Fiit brings the gym to your home with fitness classes for all abilities made accessible to everyone.

Founded with a vision to make the world's best fitness classes accessible to everyone, the Fiit app is for designed for everyone. From those starting out on their fitness journey to experienced athletes, the app aims to help you to progress and push boundaries. Using feedback from their existing community combined with in demand trainers and smart tech, Fiit brings an ever evolving workout experience.

Fiit offers HIIT, strength training, combat, yoga, mobility flows, pilates and breathwork in classes 10, 25 or 40mins in length. You can train with friends in one of the 40+ group classes scheduled every day for more motivation and accountability, and there is the option to integrate your own fitness tracker so you can track your own stats.

Being an app, you can enjoy a workout wherever you are - perfect for those working remotely, anytime and anywhere.

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You can use the app anywhere

Different types of classes available

Can work out with friends remotely


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