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The Freeletics app allows you to train anywhere and anytime - perfect when you are on the move or working from home

By using the Freeletics app, you can train with the most intelligent digital coach. The app is designed to give you a personalised training journey to meet your own goals, whatever your fitness levels.

The idea is that you can customise your training journey to be focussed on what you want to achieve. You can choose whether you want your journey to take 6, 8 or 12 weeks and set targets for your level of fitness.

Simply start by filling out your profile and finding the path toward your personal goal, then you can decide where, when and how to train. The great thing with this is there's no equipment required, no gym to attend and no classes to sign up for. As you work through your program your digital coach will use your feedback to create the following week's workouts.

All you need is the app, and you're away! Perfect for those working from home or in more remote locations - or just if it's raining and you don't want to get wet!

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what we like

Can train anywhere, anytime

Digital trainer creates programs to achieve your goals

Freeletics have created a fitness community online

Website has blog and nutrition information


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