Classic Candle

La Labo Classic Candle

We love this brand for their gorgeous candles, the way they believe in true craftmanship and are passionate about the souls they work with. Their fantastic manifesto teamed with their beautifully and evocatively scented candles are a great combination to nurture your mind and wellbeing

Le Labo have created a range of scents available in various cominations of eau de toilette, shower gel, perfume oil, home fragrance and soap, amongst other things. But it's the hand poured candles that we are mad about. Choose from Anis 24, Calone 17, Figue 15, Laurier 62, Santal 26... the list goes on and the descriptions are just so divine you'll want to try them all! Our favourite is a closely guarded secret but lighting it at the end of a busy day transports us to a happy place - perfect for kicking back and relaxing the mind.

All of Le Labo's classic candles are 245g/8.6oz and come in a thick heavy glass with a label that can be personalised. The candles are soy wax based and use pure cotton wicks. They are hand poured in Mississippi and highly dosed with perfume.

Le Labo have a gorgeous product range that's well worth checking out, plus make sure to read their manifesto as it's a good one!

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Luxurious and evocative scents

Perfect for relaxation

Great ethos supporting their craftmanship


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