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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform that connects people whilst also enabling distanced contacts to work together collaboratively.

Microsoft have been leaders in business software for decades with their office software tools. But Microsoft Teams which is one of their more recent applications has really come into its own since the global lockdown. Microsoft Teams has been able to revolutionise the way a fragmented organisation works during enforced separation not just large offices but many schools, universities and frontline workers are now able to stay connected when working remotely or apart from each other.

Microsoft started offering a free tier of Teams in 2018 with limited features a year after it launched in 2017 when it first was offered as an add-on to their home & business subscribers. Since the 2020 lockdown Microsoft have helped hundreds of medical and educational teams across the globe benefit from the secure and enhanced communication & file management functions that is baked into Teams.

We think that the features of chat, phone and video calls with built in conference, voice mail and presentation modes means that teams large or small can continue to stay connected and be able to work together effectively and efficiently.

File management & working on shared MS office application files is a breeze too, meaning that co-workers or students and teachers can interact and work on projects simultaneously.

We think that Microsoft have pulled together a great product with their Teams application as it brings in the best elements of chat, video and shared working into one place. Integrating these tools is of huge benefit to all in these challenging times especially if you are already a user of Microsofts powerful business software.

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what we like

Availability of a free tier makes Teams accessible to all

Easy to use chat, call & video functionality

Full integration with all other MS tools such as Outlook, Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Works with any connected laptop or desktop

iOS & Android apps provide great coverage across major mobile & tablet devices

Loads of third party applications available within Teams adds further integrations


where to get it

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