MOFT Laptop Stand

If you travel or frequently move between locations, the MOFT laptop stand could be the one for you! This 'invisible' stand is portable, versatile and ergonomic making it a great addition to your remote office wherever you are working.

We spend a lot of time hunched over our laptops and often find that working in different locations can mean different ergonomic set ups are required to ensure comfort and productivity.

MOFT stands for Mobile Office For Travellers and the MOFT laptop stand has been developed with travel and portability at front of mind.

This stand raises the height of your laptop and has dual angle adjustment. By using the height that suits you, shoulder and neck pain can be reduced even when you're working for long periods. The high setting (3 inches) is great for sitting posture and the lower setting (2 inches) is suited to using when standing.

Built with special PU and fibre glass material, this laptop stand is strong and stable and claims to be able to hold up to 18lbs in weight. It fits a range of laptops up to 15.7" and is available in space grey and silver.

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what we like

Thin, light and portable

Good for travelling or working on the move

Promotes good posture


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