Travel Laptop Stand

NEXSTAND K7 Portable Laptop riser

Working on the move can be a strain on your eyes and hands if you're using a laptop without your regular home office ergonomic set-up. But now you can have a truly comfortable screen and typing experience with the super light and portable NEXSTAND K7 laptop riser.

When venturing out of the regular office workspace you may be missing your ergonomic laptop set-up, but fear not you can now work in comfort when on the go with the help of the ultra-portable K7 laptop riser from NEXSTAND.

The K7 laptop riser stand is made for travelling, it's lightweight, strong and folds down to a fraction of its full size making it perfect for being part of your work travel essentials.

Working from a shared workspace office, a table in a café or on a train carriage will be more comfortable and productive with this fantastic ergonomic solution.

The K7 is perfect for all of us wanting to be more productive and operate in comfort from flexible or remote work locations.

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what we like

Lightweight weighing less than 200 grams.

Compact perfect for travelling.

Quick to operate.

Works with all laptops.


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