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Slack unites teams & productivity apps together to aid you and keep your work flowing

If you are a freelancer, remote worker or part of an agile team the need for keeping in the loop with your co-workers is vital. Teams or organisations that are using the Slack platform are able to keep on top of project and communication updates in a timely fashion and it's a great platform for sharing and collaborating.

Slack's ecosystem works using a series of channels with posts or conversations which can be responded to either in channel threads or via direct messages.

Slack is much more than a communication platform though as the Slack App Directory has over 1,500 apps that you can integrate into Slack freeing up time with less juggling tabs and more scope for focusing on getting the real work done.

Available on a free tier or with affordable paid options, Slack is great for freelancers, smaller startups or larger organisations who have a need to connect with others for their work.

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what we like

Available as Browser, Desktop or App editions.

Loads of integrations with popular business apps.

Versatile platform for comms or collaborating across teams.

Free tier great for smaller teams or businesses


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