Spring Dramas 2020

If you have some spare time in the evenings & weekends and fancy something new to watch there are some new dramas which have sprung up just in time for spring. Check out our TV picks for you to check out

We love an immersive drama at OBAA HQ, but with so many to choose from which ones do you go for? With hundreds of series available at anytime across both television broadcasters & streaming services, we have picked out some we have seen so far in Spring 2020. We have three new shows and three returning killer shows all on their third series.

Normal People

This is a wonderfully shot 12 part drama adaptation of Sally Rooney's popular novel 'Normal People' telling the story of young love and life starting in a quiet part of Ireland. Each episode is 30 minutes long making 'Normal People' a highly bingeable TV series.

Credit - Element Pictures

Watch 'Normal People' in the UK on BBC iPlayer from April'20 onwards.


A secret division of a tech company takes on a new developer who suddenly disappears, a computer programmer suspects her employer of foul play on the vanishing of her missing boyfriend. This visually stunning mystery from director Alex Garland takes you on a dark and twisted journey.

Credit - DNA TV / FXP

Watch 'Devs' in the USA from March'20 with FX on Hulu or in the UK on the BBC iPlayer from April'20.

Noughts & Crosses

Another series which is an adaptation from a book, Noughts & Crosses written by Malorie Blackman follows the story of forbidden love in a world where western white European imperialism didn't take place. A powerful piece of writing & now television with a different alternative vision for the UK & the rest of the world with African heritage & culture ruling over all others.

Credit - Mammoth Screen / Participant Media / Roc Nation

Available now watch 'Noughts & Crosses' in the UK on BBC iPlayer.

Three killer dramas returning for a third time.

Killing Eve - season 3

The seductively stylish 'Killing Eve' returns again for another killer 3rd series with more violence throughout along with cheeky one liners and a fair bit of fun in this drama. The spy thriller starring Sandra Oh & Jodie Comer packs another binge-tastic series which will be hard to stop once you have started.

Credit - Sid Gentle Films Ltd / Endeavor Content

Available weekly in the UK from April'20 watch 'Killing Eve' on BBC iPlayer.

Ozark - season 3

The tension hits a new level for Marty Byrde & his family living under the watchful eye of the Navarro drug cartel in Ozarks series 3. The FBI are also closing in on Marty's money laundering which is getting even harder to do with the pressure mounting. Jason Bateman & Laura Linney star in this gripping crime drama.

Credit - Netflix

Available now watch Ozark on Netfilx.

Westworld - season 3

The rise of the robots continues in Westworld season 3 with Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad joining the cast in this stylish take on a dystopian future where humans are second class to machines.

Credit - HBO Entertainment / Kilter Films / Bad Robot Productions / Warner Bros. Television

Available now in the USA on HBO and in the UK on Sky Atlantic.

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