Stay The F*** Home Desk

Were you thrown into working from home at the drop of a hat following lockdown? Do you have a suitable desk to work from? If not maybe you could do with the innovative Stay The F*** Home Desk from the Danish firm Stykka.

If you were asked to work from home or were forced into it you possibly were having to adapt to the new scenario, temporarily making do with the kitchen work surface, a breakfast bar or a laptop resting on a cushion whilst stretching out on the sofa. You may still be working from home or possibly may need to again in the future so chances are you may be needing to come up with a better home work solution.

Desks can vary in style, quality as well as price and for those hoping for a future where we can return to our offices at work having a new desk may only be a short-term requirement so why not try the innovative and affordable recycled cardboard Stay The F*** Home Desk from the Danish firm Stykka.

Jarl Vindnaes Founder of Stykka came up with idea after identifying a need for those facing working from home “Since March 12th, when Denmark almost closed down, we have all been working from home, some had to share workstation with their partner while others had to use the dining table. We figured that others might experience the same problem and we decided to turn this idea into reality.”

“We want to encourage people to work from home instead of going to the office and risking spreading the virus.”

Stykka challenged themselves to design and prototype a desk using only a laser cutter, cardboard and zip ties. In less than 24 hours the team went from idea to an affordable, shippable product.

If you can't stretch to the shipping costs or want to keep things green with contacts locally the Stykka team have provided production files as open source so that people with access to a laser cutter and decent source of cardboard can print their own desks.

"We want the design to benefit as many people as possible, which is why we have made the production files open-source and freely available for download under the creative commons license. It’s our hope that people will download it, hack it, and improve it”

OBAA HQ love the ingenuity of The #StayTheF***Home Desk it is eco friendly, it looks smart and provides a decent home working solution at the fraction of the price of a traditional desk.

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what we like

Smart & sturdy.

Fully recyclable.

Available in sitting or standing desk options.

Affordable, less than £75/$80/€85 + shipping

Can be made locally with open source laser cutter templates.


where to get it

More detail and specs
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