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Superga®’s iconic shoes have always been a symbol of simplicity and now they have brought an organic range to the market making them all the more appealing

We're long time fans of Superga and love that the brand has continued to develop their products to increase sustainability. Their aim is to use the natural resources of our planet in their products whilst maintaining the simple design the brand is known for.

The Organic range uses a unique blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% natural hemp in the upper part of the shoe, whilst the eyelets and shoelaces are made entirely of organic cotton. The organic cotton is sourced in Vietnam, according to the internationally recognised organic farming standards. The insoles of the shoes is composed by a layer of natural cork which is light, durable, impermeable and hypoallergenic. The sole is made of rubber naturally and manually extracted from the rubber tree forest of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand and is processed with a traditional technique to guarantee high quality and elasticity standards.

The shoes in the Organic Collection are also vegan meaning they don't contain any animal or animal-originated ingredients and are cruelty-free.

We love the way this brand is evolving and developing their much loved products by keeping their classic styling whilst implementing an increasingly sustainable approach. Check them out!

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