90 Day Plan

The Body Coach

Get ready to transform your body on the 90 Day Plan with Joe Wicks, The Body Coach

The 90 Day Plan with Joe Wicks The Body Coach offers 90 brand new recipes and 15 real-time workouts with Joe. It is a tailored plan which gives you all the tools needed to transform your body and become fitter, stronger and healthier than you were. And the best bit? You can do the whole plan wherever and whenever suits you!

Once you’ve signed up and paid, you will get an individually tailored plan to follow wherever you want to train, and none of the training sessions are more than 35 minutes so should be easy to fit into your day. 

Alongside the training program, the 90 Day Plan provides you with 99 quick and easy recipes with tailored meal portions. This isn’t a low calorie, restrictive diet and the promise is that you’ll be eating amazing food from a tasty menu and won’t be going hungry.

The final aspect to this training plan that we love is the online support and motivation. The 90 Day Plan offers unlimited access to online coaches through a dedicated Live Chat system and an official Facebook community group. This is a great way to connect with others remotely and share tips and stay motivated.

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what we like

Can be done anywhere, anytime

Individual plan tailored to you

Veggie option available

Online community for support and motivation


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