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The Squiggly Career

Ever wanted to change things up with your career and broaden your horizons? Then you maybe ready for The Squiggly Career an inspiring read from Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis.

Want to build a meaningful career that you love?

Careers are changing; they are no longer linear and there's no such thing as a 'job for life'. Squiggly careers, where people jump constantly between roles, industries and locations, are becoming the new normal.

Squiggly careers are filled with opportunity and excitement, but they can also be ambiguous and overwhelming if we don't know how to make the most of them.

In The Squiggly Career, personal development experts Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis reveal 5 skills you need to master and teach you how to:

· Identify your Values
· Play to your Super Strengths
· Address your Confidence gremlins
· Design your support solar systems (Networks)
· Explore your Future Possibilities

Packed with insights about the changing face of work, exercises to aid your growth, and tips and inspiration from highly successful people, this book will help you be happier, and ultimately more successful in your career.

Available now from - Foyles - Waterstones‍

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