The Wealth Chef

This book is a must read for anyone looking to get their head around their own finances and how to make your money work harder... so you don't have to!

The Wealth Chef is written by finance coach Ann Wilson. She is known as the Wealth Chef due to this book in which she helps people 'cook up' their own success with money. The book lays out a step by step guide for the reader to create their own financial freedom. It contains five 'recipes' for wealth that have been used by the author to go from nothing to becoming a millionaire.

The steps look at how to become debt-free while simultaneously generating wealth, increasing your quality of life while reducing your expenses. This book will help you to evaluate your own financial situation, focus on your relationship with money, and how you can get your 'wealth accelerators' working. By becoming financially savvy you can start building wealth. This book will certainly get you thinking and will provide you with techniques to work towards financial freedom.

Available now from - Foyles - Waterstones‍

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