January'22 Album of the month

The Weeknd 'Dawn FM'

At OBAA HQ we love listening to new music and also love to share, so we have selected our January album of the month for you #AOTM

Dawn FM, is the 5th studio album from Abel Makkonen Tesfaye under his moniker The Weeknd. This concept album comes through the lense of a late night FM radio station. Dawn FM continues on with a darker narrative than previous Weeknd releases, possibly hinting that this could be the final chapter for the character.

There are some big name collaborations on this album such as Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne as well as Jim Carrey providing the voice of the late night radio DJ & production from the Swedish House Mafia crafting tracks that will stick in your head long after the first play.

If this does end up being the final album from The Weeknd we will be very sad for it but either way this is a belter and finishes on a high, showcasing the huge talent of Tesfaye.

Available to stream now or to order for your collection.

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