Documentary Picks 2019

If you need to escape the highs or lows of drama television & need something more substantial than an action or comedy perhaps you need a documentary film to immerse yourself in

We love a great documentary here at OBAA HQ, there are so many to choose from in movie theatres or from television broadcasters & streaming services, here are some great movie length docs we have come across so far in 2019.

Diego Maradona

Arguably one of the finest football talents to ever kick a ball, Diego Maradona's impact on the worlds biggest sport has been immense. This 2019 production from Oscar winning documentary film maker Asif Kapadia, director of AmySenna, centres around the time Maradona switched clubs from FC Barcelona to S.S.C. Napoli in 1984, with never seen before archival footage.

Theatrically released in June 2019, Maradona is available to purchase in the UK from 11th November 2019 and will be coming to TV broadcaster and streaming services soon after, it's worth watching even if you aren't that into Football.

Credit - On The Corner / Film 4 Productions

The Barkley Marathons

Running is a challenge whether you are a casual jogger or a marathon distance runner but even the ultra-marathon runners may run a mile from the extreme Barkley Marathon.

This fascinating documentary filmed in 2014 follows the endeavours of entrants taking part in what must be one of the worlds most gruelling races. The race takes 100 miles of brutal hilly climbs and based upon the journey inmates had to survive following an epic prison break who have just 60 hours to complete the race. The Barkley Marathon is not for the faint hearted or like any other average ultra marathon, in the first 25 years of the race only 10 people ever finished it.

Available now on Netflix.

Credit - Barkley Marathons Documentary


Alexander McQueen was a trailblazer a radical genius impacting the fashion world with his creations. The McQueen documentary tracks a rags to riches story for the British Designer who took the Fashion world by storm and his untimely passing.

Available now on Netflix.

Credit - Salon Pictures / Misfits Entertainments

The Great Hack

Data can tell many stories and also be used for good and more shadier purposes. The Great Hack is a documentary about the scandal of the data monopoly era driven by social media platforms and unscrupulous practices of data science consultancies who impact the reach, messaging and influencers of the global online audience.

Available now on Netflix.

Credit - Netflix

Human Flow

The world is facing a global humanitarian catastrophe with the greatest human displacement since World War II.

Artist, activist and director Ai Weiwei captures the global refugee crisis in his breathtakingly epic film journey HUMAN FLOW it is a must watch.

Available on Amazon Prime.

Credit - AC Films / Participant Media
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