International Bank Service

Wise Borderless Account

Make and receive international payments with Wise borderless bank account

Wise (formally TransferWise) have introduced a clever banking product onto the market, ideal for anyone making or receiving international payments.

If you are a freelancer with clients abroad or travelling to destinations with different currencies the Borderless account may be for you. Wise provides you with localised bank details with your own sort and account numbers for many of the worlds major currencies, enabling you to include these details when invoicing your foreign clients.

You can hold up to 50 different currencies and exchange between them at the same exchange rates you see on the global markets with small transfer fees which are competitively priced compared to other exchange rate services.

Also included in the account is a Mastercard debit card which can be used when travelling abroad, reducing the need of taking multiple currencies of cash with you on a trip but can work with ATM's at major banks to draw out funds if needed.

We love the simplicity of this service and have used it ourselves when on our travels.

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what we like

Low fees

Easy to set-up

Fair exchange rates & pricing

Debit Card also available


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