Climate Change

What Planet Are We On

In this podcast series, Liz Bonnin and the team explore the impacts of climate change and offer solutions and practical tips as well as hearing from experts, campaigners and well-known names

Climate change affects everyone and we all need to think about the impact humans are having on the world and what we can do about it. What Planet Are We On highlights some of the most challenging environmental issues of our time and digs deeper into how we choose to live and how we our actions can help tackle the climate crisis.

Hosted by science, natural history and environmental broadcaster Liz Bonnin alongside the BBC’s environment correspondent Matt McGrath and science correspondent Victoria Gill, this series also features experts, experts, campaigners and well-known names, like David Attenborough and Idris Elba. Topics covered include how shopping could be more sustainable, food and farming, climate denial, tree planting and ways we as individuals can make changes and play our part in tackling the climate crisis.

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