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Work Life Symbiosis

As the future of flexible, agile and remote working continues to strongly push forward, it's a great time to read Work/Life Symbiosis and really understand the relationship between work and home, how the two are mutually beneficial, and how you can make their relationship work for you.

In a world of ever increasing work demands and greater expectations of 'having it all', a new ethos is needed.

This ground breaking book draws on Claire Fox's practical and insightful Work/Life Symbiosis model to offer a solution. Packed with real life examples, amusing anecdotes and simple and practical tools that can easily be implemented, to enable busy people to understand what's really important to them in life and help them align their choices with this.

The model allows the reader to easily identify and understand factors that enable them to make work 'work for them'. It is an eye-opening book drawing on the personal and professional experience of a mother-of-two, working part-time as a Human Resources director with a global remit. It is easily readable with hard-hitting impact and it moves the discussion of work/life balance into uncharted territory.

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