Introducing Bookstore

Visit our newly launched online bookstore; Other Books Are Available. Expect to find beautifully curated bookshelves with regularly added lists designed to excite the mind whilst supporting independent booksellers.

Other Brands Are Available is designed to bring our audience a carefully curated collection of products, services and solutions. Whilst we hand pick all of the items featured on our website, we know that ultimately it is up to you, the consumer, what you choose to purchase. As they say, other brands are available, and we believe that the consumer should be given choices. 

At this time, we don’t sell directly to consumers. Instead, we select items we believe will inspire and support those looking to create a lifestyle that works for them and then we direct the consumer to that brand’s website to complete the purchase. In some, but not all cases, we make a small commission for sales that come via our website. However, we have always been careful not to choose products solely based on these affiliate sales but on their merit instead.

Great Reads

The Great Reads section is one of the most visited parts of our site. In Great Reads we list books we believe will suit our audience and cover a wide span of their areas of interest. Our links send the customer directly to where the purchase can be made. 

Until recently, alongside Waterstones and Foyles we directed our book sales towards Amazon. We use Amazon for some of our other products, in part because it serves to supply customers with the required product quickly and easily, but although there is a time and a place for some sales to come via Amazon, we never intended for all of them to be made this way. And it somehow just never felt quite right for books. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because we love books ourselves yet the experience of shopping for books in a bookstore and buying on Amazon just doesn’t give us the same vibe? Or is it because Amazon is hoovering up so much of the market that we are concerned for the independent bookseller? The answer is both, and more reasons besides!


Our mission for this year is to work hard on ensuring products added to our website have a strong sustainable ethos and support small independent business. So naturally, when we read an article about Bookshop launching in the UK at the tail end of last year it caught our attention. Bookshop is an online bookshop on a mission to financially support local, independent bookshops. They want to direct book buying traffic away from Amazon and towards a more socially conscious alternative. Cleverly, Bookshop allows customers to buy from independent bookshops but still in an online environment. 

The simple concept, launched by founder Andy Hunter, is already successful in the US. Independent bookshops can create their own virtual shop front on Bookshop where customers can browse virtual tables of recommended books bringing a browsing experience akin to being in a physical bookstore. If they wish, customers can find a specific bookshop to support creating an ideal solution and lifeline for bookstores to continue selling if their physical stores are closed. Stores receive the full profit margin from each sale whilst all customer service and shipping is handled by Bookshop and its distributor partner and delivered within two to three days. 

Bookshop also supports anyone who advocates for books through their affiliate programme, paying commission on every sale and giving a matching amount to independent bookstores. Plus, Bookshop is a benefit corporation in the process of applying for B Corp certification.

Other Books Are Available

The launch of Bookshop has given us the opportunity not only to add Bookshop as another supplier alongside Waterstones and Foyles on our Great Reads section, but also to branch out and create a new element of our brand; Other Books Are Available.

Long term plans include the whimsical notion of creating a bricks and mortar bookstore but for now our newly launched online bookstore can be found here; Other Books Are Available. Expect to find beautifully curated bookshelves in our online bookstore, with regularly added lists designed to excite the mind whilst supporting independent booksellers. Come visit, take a look around and make your book purchases knowing that your money will help support independent booksellers.

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